4 Guidelines for a Healthiest Breakfast

healthiest breakfast

Breakfast, more than every other meal of the day, needs to be highly regarded. If you have headaches, dizziness or you feel in need of energy during the day, that means you have inadequately planned your breakfast.

In fact, taking the right morning meal sets the stage for a day plenty of dynamism, acute decisions and proper attitude towards delicate situations.

In contrast, missing out the breakfast may set you up for overweight as it leads to overeating during the day. Moreover, according to a study conducted on 2200 teenagers and published in the American Academy of pediatrics revue, eating breakfast lowers significantly insulin resistance, hence, it reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Another prospective study revealed that a daily eating of breakfast correlate considerably   with lowered risk of coronary heart diseases.

following are some guidelines for a healthiest breakfast :

Go for Fresh fruits

Including some fruit will bring more vitamins and mineral to your breakfast. In addition, when taken in the first course of your meal, thanks to their sweet aroma, ripe fruit will help you stimulate your appetite, and this is so important as it’s common to be in lack for hungriness in the morning. Moreover, as you don’t want to start your day with an acidic meal, fruits are a good option to bring some alkalinity to your breakfast.

Don’t neglect Proteins

Including proteins in your breakfast will help you feel fuller later in the day. In addition, protein-packed breakfast has shown very good results in appetite control. In fact, researches proved that eating a proteins-rich meal decreases the secretion of Ghrelin, the hormone which stimulates the hunger.

Opt for Whole grains

When it comes to fibers, no food can compete with wholes grains. They are packed with both soluble and insoluble fibers which make them very good for digestion. In addition, as they contain resistant starch, they will make you feel full longer, therefore, they help you control your weight by preventing you from snaking during the morning.

In contrast, you need to avoid as much as possible refined and processed grains as they are quite modified from their natural composition which makes them nutritionally poor and inferior to whole grains.

Drink a cup of Milk

Milk is a very complete food which is suitable at any meal and in particular at breakfast. When taking into consideration the important amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals packed in a cup of milk , there is no other beverage that can give a jump-start on the required nutrient for a healthy breakfast.