Acidic Foods : 8 Ways They Hurt Your Body

acidic foods

The golden mean is always desirable because any extreme is associated with severe consequences. Your body’s pH is not an exceptional. When the acidity of your body goes below the neutral pH which is 7.0, then your health is threatened. Your body, therefore, makes every effort to maintain the body pH of around 7.0 which is the ideal pH for your health. However, when you take acidic foods you certainly lower the pH level in your body, and you are likely to suffer from various complications associated with taking acidic foods. This article is, therefore, meant to inform you about how taking acidic foods affect different parts of your body so that you can make a wise decision when choosing what foods to consume in future for your wellness.

The following are eight ways acidic foods affect your body:


Acidic foods lead to neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease which affects the mental, nervous system leading to reduced mental clarity. If you, therefore, care about your mental health, I would advise that you avoid acid foods. Do not forget that your mind controls almost all activities in your body which include memory and body balance.


Consumption of acidic foods leads to the creation of excess mucus in your body; this is characterized by coughing, chest pains, fatigue, difficulties in breathing, and other minor issues for example bitter taste in the mouth.


May lead to the creation of acidic plaque which could cause complications like heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.


The liver and kidneys are the most vulnerable organs to complications resulting from acid foods. Acid on these organs could cause inflammations, kidney stones, ulcers, and cancer. Acidic foods are therefore harmful to your health.


Taking acidic foods lead to loss of important minerals on your bones like calcium to be used as a buffer against acidosis which results from excess acid in the body. This leads to brittle bones and a condition known as osteoporosis (Loss of tissue).


Discomfort in your stomach could be as a result of taking acid foods. This is because consumption of acid foods leads to the production of excess gas, nausea, indigestion, acidic reflux, bloating, bad breath, and belching.


Acidic foods result in complications in the intestines which cause indigestion, reduced nutrients absorption (vitamins/minerals deficiency), bloating and Candida.


Taking acid foods leads to chronic acidosis which results in eczema. Your skin, therefore, becomes rough and swollen. It also leads to skin rashes all dermatitis types and random blackouts.

Final thought

Did you know that Cola has the pH of 3 and your kidney cannot filter urine if the pH goes below 5.0? Since we have discussed how the body tries to buffer excess acid in your body, you can easily guess that if the kidney is not able to filter the urine, then your body gets calcium from your bones and teeth to buffer excess acid.

Now, that we have gone through some of the effects that acid foods has to your health and that you know that both extremes of the pH are harmful to your body, I would recommend that you go for foods that balance the pH in your body for your healthy living.