Onion juice : 21 benefits that you should know

onion juice benefits

Onion is a member of lilly family and it makes our food delicious and yummy. Onion is also a very good ally in fighting against many diseases as it contains flavonoids and phenolics that are anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-cholesterol agents.
There are different kinds and varieties of onions and of these varieties red onions are great whereas hybrid onions have less nutritional values.
Due to presence of many important and effective ingredients and nutrients, Onions are very good in treating fever, hair loss, infertility, jaundice and many other diseases. Therefore, it is best to drink a glass of onion juice early in the morning when your stomach is empty.

Nutritional Value of Onion Juice :

Onion juice is a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and chromium. There are also few traces of sulfur present in onion juice and these traces of sulfur are very good and effective against cancer due to their anticarcinogenic properties. Chromium is very good against lowering blood glucose levels. It is also very good for anemic patients.

Let’s have a quick view at the incredible and amazing benefits of Onion Juice :

1- Treatment for Cough and respiratory diseases :

The expectorant effects of onion juice helps in treating cold, treating cough and other respiratory diseases. Onion has a unique volatile oil in it which dislodges the mucus and prevents the formation of fresh mucus and sputum. Onion juice is a very good remedy against bronchitis, cold, sore throats and coughing symptoms. It contains flavonoids that prevent release of protein kinase and thus prevents inflammation. Onion juice relaxes our respiratory tract thus relieving the congestion and allowing smooth and effortless breathing.

2- Treatment of Anemia :

Onion juice can also effectively treat anemia. as it contains a very good amount of iron anf folic acid which are very essential for the production of new red blood cells.Therefore, adding onion juice to your daily diet can efficiently prevent and treat anemia.

3- Stomach Problems :

Owing to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, onion juice can also ease stomach aches and other gastric disorders. This is due to presence of saponins which have anti spasmodic properties. it is also a good remedy against stomach problems as it contains inulin that helps in the digestion of food.
Onion juice is also an effective remedy against gallstones, cholangitis, GERD, and hiatal hernia.

4- Prevention of Urinary Problems :

Onion juice is also a very good remedy against urinary problems and helps in treating burning sensation during urination.

5- Boosts your sexual desire :

As human body ages, desire to love decreases and that happens when we have depressed mood or there is decreased sexual drive.Onion juice is said to increase the urge for a healthy sex life and it can also boost your libido and sexual desire.

6- Glowing Skin :

Onion juice is also very good in treating symptoms of acne. It has anti-inflammatory substances, that can reduce the swelling and redness of skin that is commonly associated with acne. When mixed with honey, it can reduces freckles and gives you a pigment free skin. Onion juice increases the blood circulation and gives you a glowing skin and a fresh look.

7- Gout and Arthritis :

Owing to anti-inflammatory properties, Onion is very good against joint disorders like gout and arthritis. Gout and arthritis are the two diseases of joints and can be prevented by reducing the risk factors that lead to inflammation.

8- Treatment of Earache :

Having an earache and is it disturbing your work? Few drops of onion juice can also help you in treating ear ache owing to its antibacterial effects. It is also very good in curing ringing sounds in the ear.

9- Prevention Of cancer :

Onion has certain substances in it that are very good in inhibiting the growth and spread of cancer cells. It contains a significant amount of Quercetin which is a very potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous agent. It is also rich in Vitamin C which is a very good anti-inflammatory agent and protects the body against injuries caused by free radicals.

10- Protection against allergy:

Onion juice contains querectin that prevents against allergy. Its unique effect is that it is a long lasting anti allergy remedy and remains in our blood stream longer than any other compound.

11- Prevention of oral infections:

Adding onion juice in diet prevents oral ulcers and infections. Keeping a piece of onion on tooth relieves toothache. Different studies show that by drinking onion juice you can prevent toothache and oral infections.

12- Cardiovascular advantages:

Onion juice decreases the total cholesterol from our body by lowering ldl (bad cholesterol) and increasing hdl (good cholesterol). This juice also contains certain components like sulfur, vit. B complex and chromium that prevents different cardiovascular diseases. Onions are rich in Querectin that prevents aggregation of platelets and thus prevents thrombus fromation in arteries and therefore It also decreases buildup plaques from our arteries that directly lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.

13- Reduces the glucose level:

Sulfides present in onion juice decreases the aldohexose levels thus decreasing the total blood glucose and ultimately preventing diabetes mellitus. Chromium in onion also increases the glucose tolerance thus decreasing the fasting blood glucose level. The combined effect of both these components prevent us from diabetes which is a chronic disease and leads to different complications like blurred vision, renal damage and peripheral neuropathies.

14- Hair problems:

Sulfur compounds in the onion juice prevent hair fall and increases its growth. It might give you tears but applying it on scalp restores follicle growth and gives fresh, shiny hair that reflects your health. Onion juice relieves scalp itching and removes dandruff from scalp. For treatment of hair fall and dandruff mix onion juice with your shampoo and apply it to scalp and wait for 5 minutes then rinse it off. Increased blood supply to hair follicles and removal of dandruff aids in increased hair growth and decreased hair fall.

15- Bone health:

As human body gets old, our bones start losing calcium and become weak and fragile. These weak bones are at great risk of fractures. Onion juice restores this calcium into our bones and makes them strong again. It also decreases bone resorption and prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in females after menopause. It contains calcium and phosphates that strengthen our bones.

16- Antioxidants:

Onion juice also contains antioxidants that prevent us from premature aging and internal organ injuries causes by free radicals. These phenol containing vegetables were secret to long lives our ancestors lived. The combined effect of flovoroids and phenolics removes free radicals from our body.

17- Good source of vitamins:

Onion juice is also a good source of vitamins for example vitamin C, vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, folic acid and calcium that are necessary for our good health. These vitamins protect our body from infections and injuries and protect our skin and hair from pre mature aging.

18- Boost up immune system:

Onion juice contains vitamin C which is essential for immune system of body. Immune system fights against infections and onion boosts up our immune system and prevent infections.

19- Insect repellent:

Onion has a very stinky odor and prevents insects from coming near the skin. Onion juice can also be used to treat the bee sting. For this rub a small piece of onion on the site and the irritation will be relieved.

20- Forget cataracts:

Onion juice, especially if made from red onions reduced the incidence of certain types of cataracts when a study was conducted by an Indian journal. So that juice not only freshens you up but also improves your vision.

21- Anti-Cholesterol Tonic:

Onion juice is very good in lowering cholesterol from blood and arteries and thus helps in the treatment of high blood pressure and heart attack. It also lowers the concentration of homocysteine in the body and thus further lowers the risk of Heart attack. These properties are due to Querectin (anti-oxidant substance).


Living a healthy life is a goal everyone wants to achieve and a healthy diet plan should cover every need of our body. Adding onion and onion juice in our diet plan can surely improve our health standards.